I love to play this game of baseball—I love putting on this uniform.” —Stan Musial, 1963

It’s the thrill of the game that has fans coming back for more. But it’s the love of the game that pushes athletes to get better. They get up before the sun rises to do football drills, they perfect their curveball pitch long after the sun goes down—and they never stop believing their dream can come true. It’s that dedication that has earned them a spot in the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame, and for some a spot on our Legends Walk of Fame.

The Missouri Sports Hall of Fame welcomes you to celebrate the careers of these sports role models and relive the greatest moments in Missouri sports history. Find your favorite player, coach or team on our site, or come to the museum where we have 4,000 items of sports memorabilia and hands-on exhibits. You can feel the speed as you race in the NASCAR simulator, hit your own home run in the batters box against a Major League Baseball pitcher or throw the winning touchdown pass in our football exhibit. Are you ready to play, the ball is in your court!

Latest News

  • Inductee spotlight: Christian Cantwell, Eldon’s & Mizzou’s Olympian
  • by Kary Booher
  • For him, it was Freshman Year or Bust. That was the scary reality. You see, the college track and field coach offered only a token scholarship and, more worrisome, the finances back home likely weren’t enough for anything beyond if it all didn’t work out. Christian Cantwell loves telling the story from the spring of… Read more »

  • Inductee spotlight: Kerensa Barr Cassis, West Plains & Mizzou standout
  • by Kary Booher
  • She still remembers it like yesterday: A basketball in her hand, dribbling and shooting baskets, and competing in summer camps. And this was years before she starred for West Plains High School and the University of Missouri basketball teams. Yes, Kerensa Barr Cassis breaks into a smile just reminiscing about it all. “I was probably… Read more »

  • Inductee spotlight: Lamar High School Football Program
  • by Kary Booher
  • To coach Scott Bailey, those who have watched the rise of the Lamar High School Football Program should know one thing: It wasn’t his doing alone. “In our town, the school is important, and our town supports all the things that our kids do, with football being one of them,” Bailey said. A turnaround known… Read more »