Born: July 1, 1952

Bill Laurie describes himself simply as a “sports fan.” But that characterization doesn’t begin to define his personal history or the positive impact he has made on the sporting world, both in Missouri and nationally.

His skills as a high school basketball player led him to Memphis State, where he played point guard and helped take his team all the way to the 1973 NCAA Championship Final against UCLA. After graduation, Bill began his career as a teacher and basketball coach. He left coaching in 1983 to manager real estate and business holdings. In 1999, Bill entered the world of the National Hockey League with the creation of Paige Sports Entertainment, which owns and operates the St. Louis Blues and the Savvis Center in St. Louis.

Recognition by the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame marks Bill Laurie’s lifelong dedication and personal contributions to the betterment of sport and the spirit of sportsmanship….as a player, a coach, an executive and a benefactor.